Protect Concrete from Total Deterioration

Concrete is used in most structures because it is durable. Buildings, bridges, parking garages, partitions, and pedestrian walkways over highways or between a building and parking are a few examples of concrete use. Reinforcing the concrete with metal tendons while it is being poured will make it even more sturdy.

Over the years, concrete has a tendency to deteriorate for many reasons. Accidents, pollution, corrosion, natural disasters, and chemicals used to de-ice surfaces will wear away at the concrete. This can compromise safety and integrity.


Concrete can be repaired and reinforced externally to restore safety and structural integrity. Epoxy materials can be injected into cracks or used for joint replacements. Coatings made of epoxy are used to reseal parking decks, plaza levels, and other flat surfaces.

Steel tendons can be used to support concrete in existing structures. Overpasses, for example, may begin to erode at the embankment. Tendons in the form of threaded bars can be placed in a layer against the concrete embankment. More concrete is applied to hold the bars in place.

Tendons can also be in the form of single wire and multiple strands of wire to accommodate a variety of needs. Reinforcing concrete once it is functional can be difficult. Experienced engineers and technical professionals are required to create customized solutions for situations as they arise.

The conditions and weight bearing needs of structures have to be taken into consideration. A condominium building on the coast will have to restored and protected from the salt and chlorides of sea spray, as well as high winds. Another structure in the middle of the country may be damaged by a tornado. Restoration in that case needs to be able to withstand lighting, heavy rains, and gale force winds.

Other Forms of Protecting Concrete

Experienced companies, such as tendon llc, provide many ways of supporting and restoring concrete. Barrier cable, shear stud reinforcement, and ground anchors are developed using advanced technology to improve performance. Slab on grade concrete is also available. This product is more durable and cost-effective than conventional concrete slabs.

Field service technicians are available for on-site installation assistance. Engineers are available for consulting on projects prior to construction to ensure the concrete is properly reinforced from the very beginning of the process. Other products include metal mesh and fencing, as well as wire rope handrail systems.

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