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Importance of EFI Technology

Electronic fuel injection technology known as EFI technology in short is a fairly new concept in the motor industry. Like everything else that is modern in the industry, it is an upgraded system with a variety of benefits for your motor vehicle. Do not be left out, consider upgrading your vehicle to an EFI system if you have not yet done it. Some of the reasons why you should upgrade to this system are highlighted below.

The first benefit of EFI technology is that it improves the overall intelligence of your car. EFI technology uses Engine control Module(ECM) also known as the Engine Control Unit(ECU) as its brain power and that is why it is smart. With the help of sensors, the ECM works like the human brain by interpreting what the different sensors mean and how the engine should adjust accordingly.
This system is beneficial because with the help of the ECM the engine controls the amount of diesel consumed and controls emissions given out as well. The injector gets the exact amount of fuel it needs with the help of the ECM which monitors engine sensors.

At the same time, the air to fuel ratio is also regulated by the activation of injectors. This regulation helps to control the consumption of fuel and consequent emissions reducing them to up to 20%. This makes you save on fuel cost and have a car that is kind to the environment.

There is less servicing with EFI technology. With this technology, you do not have to deal with carburetor replacement and maintenance cost. Gasoline does not interact with oxygen since the fuel system is sealed entirely. Contaminated gas is something you do not have to contend with thanks to this technology.

Change in altitude affects the performance of most cars. This is because as you go to higher altitudes the oxygen levels become significantly reduced and this may affect the performance of your car. In order to adjust to high altitudes, a car with a carbureted engine may need to adjust its carburetor jetting. EFI systems however are automatic and detect change in altitudes. The system automatically adjusts the fuel flowing when it has detected the amount of air coming in so that they are the right ratio.

While a carburetor uses a float, the electronic engine uses an injector.

You may encounter several problems with a bouncing float when your car is moving if you use carburetor engine. This is not the case with EFI technology since it does not have a float you do not have to worry about the bouncing of the float when the car is on the move. To get the best ECM one can research online .

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